SOAI University

Department of Child Development

Faculty of Human Development

Department of Child Development Studies

In the Department of Child Development Studies, students acquire basic knowledge and comprehensive skills about child development and develop practical abilities in childcare and education that are needed in the field. They develop a grasp of recent changes in the social environment related to children, such as the trend towards the nuclear family and the collapse of local communities, and they develop an understanding of the circumstances surrounding childcare. In order to create an environment in which children grow up healthily, students also grapple with the problems that can happen in the growth processes of children. This department has developed a curriculum in which the students can deepen their understanding by specialization in the field and can determine the course of their path after graduation. Also, through abundant practical training, the students deepen their understanding of children and cultivate communication skills needed for the future. Our project activity centers focus on planning and running the programs that are aimed at creating a practical learning environment under which the students acquire the abilities required for supporting the development of children. For instance, we have developed projects in cooperation with local families with children. In this way, we create an environment where the students can learn proactively and practically, and simultaneously, we help the students cultivate the power to work.

Teacher’s Comment:Prof. Setsuko Iwaguchi

The keywords for learning in this department are “development” and “relationship.” I wish the students not only to deepen the abilities and special knowledge which are needed in supporting the healthy development of children, but also to notice that they themselves are still developing, and, therefore, to enhance their own human sensibilities through their relationships with various people and things.