SOAI University

Department of Nutrition and Health

Faculty of Human Development

Department of Food and Nutrition Management Studies

“Food,” “health” and “development” are the keywords that are dealt with in this department. Each of them is an indispensable theme in promoting the growth of mind and body and in leading a healthy life. During the first and second year, the students enhance their basic scholastic achievements and acquire the ability to find out and solve problems, which is needed in society. During the third and fourth year, the students gain field experience and strengthen their practical ability through internships or on-site practice. After graduation, as professionals in charge of dietary education, they are expected to play an active role in various institutions such as hospitals, nursery centers, welfare facilities for the elderly, or places of business.

One of the great features of the Department of Food and Nutrition Management Studies is the adoption of a small class system, which bridges the distance between students and teachers, enhances the level of understanding in learning, and aims at students gaining a qualification as nationally registered dietitians or nutrition teachers, which are core careers after graduation. In order to meet the needs of the times, our department is completely equipped with the latest facilities and equipment. Moreover, we have classes that enhance students’ practical abilities by conducting various extension projects in cooperation with the community as well as the food service and food distribution industries.