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Department of Music

In order to meet the various aspirations of the students, the Department of Music offers three courses, including nine specializations and seven sub-courses. We develop the abilities and potential of each student through high-level, practical classes and lessons.
In addition to the newly established Special Music Course, we have two new sub-courses, the Piano Advanced Sub-course, in which students develop a high standard of artistry in performing music, and the Piano Instructors Sub-course, in which students cultivate the knowledge and skills required to be piano instructors. Lessons are taught by first-rank musicians who actively play music domestically and in foreign countries. The students have the opportunity to participate in more than 100 concerts each year. Through these activities, this department aims at realizing deep, rich and practical learning in specialized fields in order to develop professional musicians.

Teachers Comment: Prof. Tatsuo Saito

It is rewarding and valuable to be able not only to listen to but also to play excellent pieces of music that have survived for hundreds of years. We hope that these young people who will lead future generations will succeed in their music endeavors and contribute to society. We further hope that our students will discover their own personalities and talents and open their impressionable minds to beautiful things.